Engineered for comfort and protection
NEW Patented
Web-Flex   Technology
The SPIDER GUARD Web-Flex-Cup is like no other cup you have ever used. Our revolutionary design allows you more lateral movement with the
same security of the standard hard cup. The SPIDER GUARD Web-Flex-cup absorbs and displaces impact unlike any other cup. It is so
unbelievably comfortable that you might forget you're wearing it. Will fit in any standard Jock or Compression Shorts with pocket.

We are not trying to replace the hard shell cup. There will always be individuals that want to wear a hard shell cup or a steel cup. We want to offer
those people that will not wear a cup for reasons of discomfort or feeling of restriction a chance to be protected and still have free uninhibited
movement, comfort, and protection.
The Web-Flex™ Technology is all about absorbing of energy. And the only way to have absorption of energy is to have deformation and
deceleration of impact.
Unlike hard shell cups, the Spider Guard absorbs energy by means of the Crumple Zone. (This is the same technology used in car design today)
The laws of physics explain why the crumple zone is necessary. Sir Isaac Newton's first law states that an object in motion will stay in motion with
the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. If an object is traveling at 50 mph and stops abruptly into a
solid wall, the object will transfer 100% of its energy into the solid wall.

The second law states that force equals mass multiplied by acceleration. Translated to our situation, if an object traveling at 50 mph does not stop
abruptly, but is allowed to decelerate, then the energy decreases as the time required for the object to stop increases.
So what does the Spider Guard Cup and the Crumple Zone do?

They work exactly according to the two laws. They absorb the energy developed during an impact. This is achieved by deformation, something
unheard of in the early days of impact protective design.

Multi Sports Cup for, baseball, softball, MMA,BJJ,motor cross, lacrosse,football,water polo,rugby,rodio,